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Kath Evans, Experience of Care Lead for Maternity, Newborn, Children and Young People (CYP) at NHS England

10 ways to build quality care experiences for and with children, young people and their families

As Experience of Care Lead for Maternity, Newborn, Children and Young People (CYP) at NHS England, and a prolific tweeter, Kath Evans knows the value of sharing experiences and what it takes to provide exceptional care services for children. Following the NHS England and Patient Experience Network (PEN) collaborative: ‘What are children and young people saying about their experience of care and what are we doing about it?’, she shares some of the key learnings, as well as her summation of what positive practice and excellence in CYP care really means, collating 10 organisational and service examples of this work in practice.

This year, children, young people and their families took the time to give the NHS feedback on how it feels to use their services via the National Children’s Inpatient and Day Case Survey. The results received national attention, which is fantastic, but are we listening and ready to take action?

Based on the attendance to our CYP Experience focused event series, it would appear so! Over 500 healthcare professionals including commissioners and service providers, as well as young people and their families recently came together to learn how they can understand and use this feedback to make a difference.

Although from different professions and backgrounds, the one thing all these people have in common is their enthusiasm and drive to improve services for and with children and young people. As you can no doubt imagine, there was a wealth of fascinating conversation around the need to make care more person centred; about always seeing the child, not just their condition; and the need to really listen to people’s experiences so we can understand them, not just respond to them.

One of my biggest take-away points from the sessions was the value of sharing and understanding people’s experiences. Of course that means understanding the experiences of the people in our care, working with them to improve services; but also sharing with and learning from each other. The CYP Experience event series gave us, as service providers, an opportunity to see and reflect on some of the innovative care solutions that already exist on a localised or organisational level, and think of new ways forward for NHS CYP services as a whole.

There are so many fantastic examples out there of people doing great work to make care more person centred; a wealth of content for us to learn from, be inspired by, and ultimately implement in our own environments. Often the challenge is knowing where to find these shining lights, so I’d like to get the ball rolling by sharing 10 examples of truly excellent care, highlighted at the event, alongside some great insights and resources to help you on your way in translating initiatives at your own organisations.

Please do share these films and resources with your teams locally to stimulate discussions and drive conversation around this important subject. Ask yourself; “How can we deliver better care?” and ‘could this happen here?’


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