4 January, 2017

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Picker has published a policy commentary, “The After Francis policy commentary” discussing the value of collecting and reporting real-time feedback,” and how doing so can support relational care provision in NHS hospitals.

Based around findings from Picker and University of Oxford research project to strengthen relational aspects of care provided in hospitals and to evaluate real-time feedback approach for informing care delivery, the paper outlines the research methodology used, key findings and finally offers recommendations for how the study can support future healthcare improvements and prevent existing barriers and enablers that have affected past efforts.

Commissioned in response to the Francis enquiry, the study shows that it is possible to measure and improve people’s experiences of relational care in hospital via the use of real-time feedback. “Near to real-time” collation was associated with a small but statistically significant improvement in people’s reported experiences of relational aspects of care.

As part of the work, a toolkit consisting of the survey instruments, guidance, and case studies has been developed.

The toolkit was created to fill a gap in existing resources available for organisations to measure and improve people’s experiences of care. Additionally, the toolkit can help organisations showcase they are addressing current policy directives, and demonstrate their organisation’s commitment to improving compassionate care.

Speaking on the toolkit’s value, director of Research and Policy, Chis Graham said:

“We want users to be able to get the most out of these tools, to capture useful information and drive real improvement in line with current health policy directives. With patient experience widely accepted as one of the three key markers of quality care, alongside clinical effectiveness and safety, more health and social care providers than ever are using patient experience feedback for quality improvement and effective use of real-time feedback is key to this.”

Toolkit launch event 

We are holding three launch events for the toolkit. The events are free to attend but spaces are limited. The events are a unique opportunity to gain first-hand insight on:

  • The use of near real-time feedback to improve patient experience of compassionate care
  • Impacts, challenges, lessons learned and recommendations from the six pilot trusts taking part in the study
  • Toolkit components and how it can be applied directly on hospital wards

To reserve your space please click on the below links

These documents, including the validated questionnaire developed by Picker and the University of Oxford, are available for free use by NHS organisations and will be made available at www.picker.org in February 2017. A full report evaluating the study will be published in Spring 2017.

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