7 March, 2017

News > “NHS staff continue to work under pressure, but remain highly engaged”

Results from the 2016 NHS Staff Survey have been published by Picker and NHS England. With over 420,000 responses from 316 NHS trusts in England, it is the largest ever collection of feedback from NHS staff. Findings cover a broad range of issues related to staff experience working in the NHS.

Commenting on the findings, Chris Graham, Picker’s acting CEO and the chief investigator for the survey, said: “The 2016 NHS Staff Survey shows encouraging results for a number of key measures. Overall staff engagement has shown sustained improvement over the last five years, as has staff willingness to recommend their organisations as a place to work or receive care. These are very positive results and welcome good news for the NHS.

“Although there are a number of positive trends over the last five years, some results for 2016 remain concerning. Staff continue to work under significant pressure: 47% say that there are not enough colleagues at their organisation for them to do their job properly, and three in five (59%) reporting working unpaid overtime each week. Similarly, 60% of staff reported coming to work in the last three months despite feeling too unwell to fulfil their duties, and most of these staff (92%) said that they put themselves under pressure to come to work. Continued commitment from staff in spite of the pressures they face reflects their dedication to the health service.

“The NHS Staff Survey provides invaluable annual insight into the experiences of staff working in the health service. Research shows that levels of staff engagement are linked to the quality of outcomes for patients, so the data is one of the most important resources the NHS has to monitor quality. This year’s survey is the biggest ever and its results are essential reading for managers and boards at all NHS organisations. We encourage all NHS organisations to commit to a detailed review of their own results, as well as collaborative action planning with their staff.”

A PDF download of the press release is available here

Notes to editors

  • Picker is an international charity working across health and social care. We believe in high quality person centred care for all and promote this by measuring and encouraging the use of staff and patient feedback.
  • The 2016 NHS Staff Survey was co-ordinated by Picker on behalf of NHS England. A total of 316 NHS organisations took part in the survey, with questionnaires distributed between late September and early December 2016.
  • Nearly a million staff were invited to participate and over 423,000 NHS employees completed the survey – a response rate was 44%.
  • This year’s survey is the biggest ever collection of feedback about staff experiences of working in the NHS.
  • Full details of the survey methodology, questions, and results are available on the dedicated survey website at www.nhsstaffsurveys.com

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