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About Us

Picker is an international charity working across health and social care. Established in 2000, the organisation continues to have a significant impact in the field of person centred care.

We use people’s experiences of healthcare to identify priorities in delivering the highest quality care. We measure experiences to uncover incidences of excellent and poor healthcare delivery. We work across health and social care systems to support organisations to improve the quality of care.

Our approach underpins quality measurement in both the USA and the UK with the ‘Picker Principles of Care’ an internationally renowned quality improvement framework.

Whether it’s designing and delivering the first national NHS patient experience survey in England, co-ordinating the largest staff survey in Europe, pioneering innovative improvement interventions such as Always Events®, or working with individual providers and healthcare commissioners to improve service delivery, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and expertise, alongside developing new services and tools that enable people’s experiences to be an integral part of delivering the highest quality care for all, always.

Always Events is a registered trademark of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

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