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Where we work

Picker is not restricted to any one health and social care system. This is because we are committed to our vision of ‘The highest quality person centred care for all, always’.

In all of our work we partner with local experts and other international organisations to share healthcare data, research, experience and findings.

Our European offices are based in Oxford, UK.

Where we work

Who we work with

Our health services research and policy outputs are commissioned and used by governments, regulators and national/international bodies to shape both health and social care policy and practice.

Our patient & employee engagement toolkits, templates, survey services and improvement programmes are used by providers and commissioners of care, as well as charities and private organisations because they wish to understand, measure and improve people’s experience of care.

We regularly collaborate with a range of organisations from academic institutions to like-minded not–for–profit health & social care organisations and charities. Our shared purpose is to increase understanding of, and access to different care experiences and drive quality improvement in healthcare.

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