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12 May, 2014

News > “Individual Clinician Feedback is Vital to a Patient-Centred Health Service”, Says Sir Donald Irvine

Sir Donald Irvine, Patron of Picker today delivered an address to members of the American Osler Society, on the value of Individual Clinician Feedback (ICF) in delivering a patient-centred healthcare service.

During his address entitled; “Patients, Their Doctors and the Politics of Medical Professionalism,” he touched on definitions of good practice through the ages’ and offered his own prescription for long term improvement and how to embed the principles into day to day practice.

Sir Donald Irvine’s Top 10 essential principles of quality patient-centred care are:

1. Prime focus on the needs of the patient, as seen through patients’ eyes.

2. A holistic culture of professionalism embracing medical practice, medical education and medical regulation.

3. Inspired medical leadership willing to challenge the orthodoxy of the status quo.

4. Optimal standards – the best we can do today – to become the norm.

5. Specialist colleges and societies to take full responsibility for setting and monitoring optimal clinical standards in their respective fields.

6. The absolute necessity for high quality data capable of showing regularly whether clinical and care standards are being met.

7. Linking aspiration, the pursuit of excellence and personal responsibility through continuous professional development.

8. Every clinician to have regular, expert, evidence-based, formative and summative appraisal against generic professional and specialty-specific standards.

9. Evidence demonstrating individual doctor performance to be published regularly by professional societies, employers and regulators.

10. Use of the power of role modelling to the full in transmitting professional values and standards to the young by example, through practice and education.

A copy of Sir Donald’s full speech is available to download at the bottom of this page.

For further details about Sir Donald and his thoughts on “good doctoring”, visit our blog for an extensive interview with our Patron. This will be followed later this week, by an interview with one of the leading practitioners of the ICF initiative; Professor Ben Bridgewater.

Patients, their doctors and the politics of medical professionalism – Sir Donald Irvine

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