30 May, 2019

News > Picker awarded the national cancer patient experience survey contract

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Picker has been awarded a three year contract to work alongside NHS England and NHS Improvement in delivering the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey.

This annual survey, which was first undertaken in 2010, provides insight into the care experienced by thousands of adult cancer patients across England. The findings from the survey are a key source of information for healthcare professionals working to improve the care of people using England’s cancer services.

Speaking on being awarded the contract, Chief Research Officer Jenny King said:

“We’re delighted to be working with NHS England and NHS Improvement on this important survey. To understand how well the NHS is delivering person centred care for people with cancer, quality must be understood from the patient’s perspective. The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey gives a voice to the people using cancer services in the NHS, and the findings provide a rich source of data which supports services to improve based on evidence.”

Clare Enston, Head of Insight & Feedback for NHS England and NHS Improvement, commented:

“Our survey is a vital part of understanding how people are experiencing cancer care and treatment. It helps the NHS to identify what’s working well and where things can be improved. The feedback also playing an important role in identifying inequalities so that healthcare providers can design services that work for everyone.”

“Each year, hospitals provide us with details of a representative sample of people aged 16 and over who had a confirmed primary diagnosis of cancer and who were discharged after treatment as an inpatient or day case patient between April and June. We write to them – in the region of 120,000 people every year – and invite them to give feedback about their experience of treatment.”

“For the fieldwork this year, which will run through the autumn, we will be working with Picker to carry out this work. People can be assured their information is secure and is handled in line with the law on data protection. We would encourage everyone who receives a letter of invitation to take part in the survey to help us improve services for everyone.”

For further information about the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey, contact Picker: cpes@pickereurope.ac.uk


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