17 January, 2019

News > Picker publishes research into predictors of job satisfaction in the NHS.

Picker has published research that identifies a measure of job satisfaction using the NHS Staff Survey.

The report, titled ‘Predictors of job satisfaction in the NHS Staff Survey, was written by Picker’s chief statistician Steve Sizmur, data analyst Dan Woods, and senior project manager Jaana Kosunen.

The NHS Staff Survey provides comprehensive feedback on the experiences of people working in the health service. Picker currently provides staff survey services to 175 NHS organisations.

Although all of the survey questions cover aspects of job experience that are considered important, it is sometimes useful to focus on those aspects that make the most difference to how staff feel about their employment. In other words, it is useful to find what best predicts job satisfaction.

Picker used the data from the 2018 NHS Staff Survey for the organisations we work with to identify a measure of job satisfaction and of the relationships between this and a range of questions in the survey.

Across roles and organisations, the best predictors of job satisfaction were found to be when the employee felt their organisation:

  • acts fairly in career progression
  • values their work
  • provides opportunities to use their skills
  • recognises good work
  • gave an appropriate amount of responsibility.

The report can be viewed here: https://www.picker.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Predictors-of-Job-Satisfaction-in-the-NHS-Staff-Survey-v2-SS-JK-CG.pdf

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