7 March, 2019

News > Picker responds to British Attitudes survey

Today (Thursday 7th March) sees the publication of the latest edition of the British Attitudes (BSA) Survey. The survey asked members of the public about their views on the NHS and social care. Commenting on the publication, Jenny King, Picker’s Chief Research Officer, said:

“The BSA has provided important intelligence on how the public feel about the NHS since 1983. Today’s results show that satisfaction with the NHS overall in 2018 was 53%: a 3 percentage point drop from the previous year and 16 percentage points lower than in 2010. Time will tell if the ambitions and vision of the NHS Long Term Plan will translate in to real improvements and reverse this downward trend.

On a positive note, satisfaction with inpatient services is at its highest level since 1993. With the 2018 Adult Inpatient Survey, a survey of peoples experiences of inpatient care, due to be published in a couple of months it will be interesting to see how results compare and if the trend of long-term improvements in key aspects of person centred care, as seen in the 2017 Adult Inpatient survey, will continue.

Satisfaction with social care services remains low (26%), and whilst it is noted that the lack of public understanding about social care services contributes to a higher proportion of respondents giving a neutral or ‘don’t know’ answer to this question, this low level of satisfaction is concerning.

The much anticipated social care green paper will be important, and we will be keen to see how it will support the delivery of changes that will improve people’s perceptions of social care”

It is widely recognised that quality needs to be understood from the perspective of patients and the public. Surveys such as the BSA and those on the national patient survey programme continue to be an importance source of evidence on how the NHS is performing.”

Results from the survey can be found here: https://www.kingsfund.org.uk/publications/public-satisfaction-nhs-social-care-2018.

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