27 July, 2018

News > Picker’s CEO contributes a chapter to Fabian Society report

A report that considers the future of the NHS in the year of its 70th birthday has been published, including a chapter written by Picker’s CEO Chris Graham.

The report, featuring essays from a number of expert contributors and edited by the Shadow Health Secretary Jonathan Ashworth MP, considers the NHS’s funding, structure, and priorities for the future.

Chris Graham’s chapter, titled People First, urges that amongst the re-organisations and new priorities, people must remain at the centre of everything the NHS does. In it, he writes;

“On its 70th birthday, the NHS and its 1.2 million employees can reflect with pride on their achievements. To maintain this pride, and to remain true to the founding spirit of the service, we must strive to ensure that every element of the system is truly person centred… If we falter in this vision, we can expect unmet needs and gaps in provision to grow, threatening the very survival of the service – an outcome that we simply cannot afford.”

Download the report from the Fabian Society website here: https://fabians.org.uk/publication/a-picture-of-health/

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