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NHS Staff Survey 2020 explained

The National NHS Staff Survey results are due out on Thursday 11th March, and many people will already have received their trusts’ results. To help you understand these we are introducing a series of videos, that you can access on demand.

In the first of this series of videos, we explain the NHS Staff Survey’s background, how it’s run and common concerns, including:

  • “It’s not fair to compare us with the rest of the NHS.”
  • “Different organisations have different challenges.”
  • “Only negative people fill out the survey.”
  • “Other data contradicts what is being said by staff.”
  • “How can my response be confidential?”

The NHS Staff Survey directly measures the pledges that were made to staff in the NHS constitution. In 2020, the survey was amended to include questions about the pandemic – worked well and what could be learned.

Watch the video below (running time approximately 7 minutes).

Further videos on the NHS Staff Survey and organisations’ steps to improve staff experience will be shared via email in the coming weeks.

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