Picker Impact Report 2018 – 2019

Picker’s latest Impact Report gives examples of the outcomes and progress that we have achieved over the last year. The report includes information about our mission, vision and values, our history, The Picker Principles of Person Centred Care, case studies and findings from some of the collaborations that we have been involved with. These include, for example, our work with the World Health Organisation, Pancreatic Cancer UK, and The Dunhill Medical Trust.

Impact Report 2018 - 2019


Patient experience is recognised as one of the central components of healthcare quality, and positive associations have been identified between patient experience, patient safety and clinical effectiveness [1]. It is therefore important that people’s experiences of care are captured, understood and acted upon to improve care delivery and quality.

Our eight Principles of Person Centred Care provide an internationally renowned quality improvement framework. These are used to develop surveys and toolkits that enable organisations to understand the experiences of their patients, service users and staff, to facilitate quality improvement.

The eight Picker Principles of Person Centred Care


[1] Doyle C, Lennox L, Bell D. A systematic review of evidence on the links between patient experience and clinical safety and effectiveness. BMJ Open

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