Research, policy and practice play a key role in the achievement of high-quality health and social care in hospitals.

But, to ensure that patients consistently receive high-quality healthcare services, there needs to be a person centred care agenda.

At Picker, our health services research partnerships with leading universities, hospitals, and charities enable us to develop and share a better understanding of both outcomes and experiences of care.

Our work with governments, their agencies and regulators, helps to ensure that this insight is translated into health and social care policy and practice that supports the delivery of high-quality patient centred care for all.

Bringing you the latest views and research on person centred health and social care, all of our reports and policy documents are available for download below.

Achieving person centred care

Explore the sections below to see our research on the core elements that are required to achieve person centred care.

  • Designing GP Buildings - staff and patient priorities for the design of community healthcare facilities in Lambeth

    Date published: 14/11/12

  • Exploring education and training in relation to older people’s health and social care

    Date published: 12/07/18

  • Developing measures of people's self-reported experiences of integrated care

    Date published: 14/11/13

  • Always Events; Phase 4: Scale-up and spread

    Date published: 02/07/18

  • How engaged are people in their health care – findings of a national telephone survey

    Date published: 14/11/05

Person centered health and social care systems

Read our research and policy publications on person centred health and social care systems.

  • Patient experience indicators key for NHS Outcomes Framework to succeed

    Date published: 14/11/14

  • Predictors of job satisfaction in the NHS Staff Survey

    Date published: 16/01/19

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