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Impact of COVID-19 staff experience survey

At Picker, we want to help you understand the needs of your staff as they cope with the impact of this pandemic.

The King’s Fund’s COVID-19 Trauma Response Working Group recommends:

[..] be flexible in supporting needs and respond to staff feedback on what is, and is not, helpful. Set up regular feedback mechanisms so messages can reach management quickly.

To support such a regular feedback mechanism, we are offering a free of charge Impact of COVID-19 module, as part of the Picker staff experience programme, between May and September 2020.

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The survey will address questions about feeling safe and supported; having the right resources and information to do the job, and enabling each other to feel productive and successful.

The benefits of running Picker’s Impact of COVID-19 staff survey are:

  • It enables you to understand the challenges of working during the pandemic.
  • Our real-time dashboards enable you to deploy additional support and resources within your organisation quickly, to where it’s most needed.
  • You can run a survey for all your staff at the most appropriate time for your organisation.
  • You can extend the survey later on to include further staff experience questions, including those as a part of the Staff Friends and Family Test*

The Picker staff experience programme is about understanding and responding to health and social care professionals experiences as employees. It is a vital component of any realisable quality strategy and will enable you to take actions from your staff’s feedback.

As part of our staff experience programme, we are able to support you with all aspects of running the NHS Staff Survey. Find out more…

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We have developed a suite of staff surveys & tools which capture feedback from healthcare employees at every stage of their journey with your organisation. Every tool is designed to deliver staff experience and satisfaction results which are robust, representative and actionable.

In addition to our core package, we offer a range of services and tools to assist service providers in delving deeper into staff and patient experiences. These range from thematic reviews, sentiment analysis reports, bespoke research, consultancy, focus groups and toolkits.

To discuss ways in which we can help you, please call our Client Service team on 01865 208 131 or request a callback by clicking on the link below.


* applicable for NHS organisations

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