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Due to the pressure Covid-19 has put on the NHS, they had to balance the importance of using resource to understand cancer patients’ experience of care against the focus on maintaining and recovering clinical services. As a result, the 2020 Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) was offered to all NHS Trusts on a voluntary basis and 55 trusts took up the offer. For this reason, it is not possible to produce a national level report or reports at cancer alliance or CCG level. It is also not possible for national comparisons to be made against previous years. The participating trusts will receive their results from the 2020 survey with comparisons to their previous CPES results. The 2021 survey launching this month (November) will return to covering all trusts.

The 2020 CPES survey was carried out from 29th April to 8th July 2021. The survey results are a snapshot in time and give some insight into the impact of the pandemic on patient experience. It should be kept in mind that during the sampling period there was variation in the effects of the pandemic in different parts of the country and that this will also impact comparisons at a trust level.

Trust level results can be viewed here.

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