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Quality improvement

A culture of continuous improvement is a difficult thing to achieve, particularly when you consider the many other challenges faced by those working across health and social care. However we believe that with the right support and tools it is possible.

Our quality improvement services include:

Define and embed the positive behaviours that drive sustainable improvements in the quality of care.

Our Always Events® Programme in collaboration with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, translates person and family centred care principles into a tangible set of actions which can be adopted across health and social care organisations or systems.

An Always Event is a clear, action-oriented, and pervasive practice or set of behaviours that provides the following:

  • A foundation for partnering with patients and their families
  • A set of actions that will ensure optimal patient experience and improved outcomes
  • A common platform for all that demonstrates a continuing commitment to person and family centred care.

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Picker partners with Planetree to develop impactful cultural change programmes for healthcare organisations.

Planetree supports organisations from all over the world, with improvement projects and affiliate sites in 20 countries from the Netherlands to the USA, Canada and Brazil. This drives change by providing a structured methodology, tailored to each organisation’s culture and requirements, for humanising, personalising and demystifying person centred care.

Powered by people’s personal stories and insights (whether they be patients, their families, or staff), the Planetree approach guides organisations in making person centred care the centrepiece of a cohesive strategy that accelerates quality improvement and positions your organisation to create change that will last through:

  • Development of infrastructures to support change
  • Implementation of patient-preferred practices
  • Transformation of organisational culture.

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  • Understand their patient experience data
  • Identify overarching areas for improvement
  • Setting thresholds for concern
  • Engage staff in understanding your experience data and identify areas for improvement with our improvement workshops.
  • Invite key members of your organisation to examine your data in detail with the support of our expert team.
  • Work with us to identify priorities for improvement and understand where to target actions within your organisation.

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