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Focused on patient experience

As an independent healthcare improvement charity we are committed to using the most appropriate research methods for the care setting and the individuals sharing their experience. Our approach results in the delivery of high quality patient & staff data that you can trust.

Measuring Patient Satisfaction

Our patient satisfaction surveys and tools use cognitively tested, experience based questions to deliver actionable intelligence and the ability to measure improvement.

We uncover what happened, revealing why patients were ‘satisfied’ or ‘dissatisfied’, ‘happy’ or ‘unhappy’. This ensures it is easy to highlight areas that are working well, as well as those areas in need of improvement. These can then be tracked over time to assess the impact of continuous quality improvement in healthcare.

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We develop and run surveys and feedback programmes across of health and social care. Click on the different care areas to view the services we offer.

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Effective user experience programmes go further than just collecting data. Explore these sections to find out more about the different stages involved.

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