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The role of primary care services remains important in the delivery of high quality person centred care. Often people’s first interaction with their local care services is in a primary care environment. Whether booking and attending a GP appointment or visiting a smoking cessation clinic, this first contact is also the start of an individual patients’ primary care experience.

Our patient feedback & survey tools use experience based questions which aim to uncover not just how satisfied patients were with their care, but the situations, environments and interactions that caused them to feel satisfied or dissatisfied.

We work to ensure the patient experience data you collect is robust, representative and comparable, meaning that it accurately reflects your patient demographic, stands up to scrutiny and can be used with confidence to identify areas of best practice, or those in need of improvement.

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We develop and run surveys and feedback programmes across of health and social care. Click on the different care areas to view the services we offer.

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Effective user experience programmes go further than just collecting data. Explore these sections to find out more about the different stages involved.

Our Methodology

We are experienced in using a wide range of methodologies to collect patient, service user and staff feedback. These include:

  • Paper
  • Web and Kiosk
  • Text
  • Phone (CATI)
  • Tablets
  • Bedside TVs
  • Interviews
  • Patient Stories
  • Focus Groups
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Analytical Services
  • Bespoke

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