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We help providers of private healthcare services to deliver the highest levels of care to their patients and service users through a better understanding of patient experiences and outcomes.

Our services help you to create & implement continuous patient experience and satisfaction programmes that:

  • Are part of an organisational culture where patients are the priority – Our health care staff engagement programmes empower staff to take action and change behaviours to positively impact private healthcare quality.
  • Are clearly defined in the organisation’s strategy, and communicated to both staff and patients – We offer a range of services to support private medical providers looking to develop patient and service user experience strategies  focused on delivering continuous improvement.
  • Use appropriate mechanisms to collect and communicate user experience data in a way that engages and empowers staff to act on the findings – All of our patient surveys use experience based questions, enabling providers to uncover the behaviours or actions that contribute to a positive or negative patient experience. We are not tied to one particular technology, meaning we can work with you to identify the most suitable method for your patient group(s).
  • Are dedicated to continuous improvement of patient experience and care – Our improvement resources and dedicated improvement team work with organisations to realise a culture that supports the delivery of the highest quality care in the private healthcare sector.

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We develop and run surveys and feedback programmes across of health and social care. Click on the different care areas to view the services we offer.

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Effective user experience programmes go further than just collecting data. Explore these sections to find out more about the different stages involved.

Our Methodology

We are experienced in using a wide range of methodologies to collect patient, service user and staff feedback. These include:

  • Paper
  • Web and Kiosk
  • Text
  • Phone (CATI)
  • Tablets
  • Bedside TVs
  • Interviews
  • Patient Stories
  • Focus Groups
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Analytical Services
  • Bespoke

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