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The delivery of the highest quality care is completely reliant on employees working within health and social care systems. Their efforts, practices and behaviours both as individuals and teams directly impact on patient care experiences and quality.

Understanding and responding to health and social care professionals’ experiences as employees is a vital component of any realisable quality strategy.

Our suite of staff surveys & tools capture feedback from healthcare employees at every stage of their journey with your organisation, from induction through to exit. Every tool is designed to deliver staff experience and satisfaction results that are robust, representative and actionable.

Our programmes and staff surveys, including the NHS Staff Survey, use our advanced analysis and reporting, focused on ensuring NHS staff survey results are understood and effectively communicated. This is further supplemented through our cultural and behavioural change programmes CAREFUL and Always Events®

  • NHS Staff Survey

    Measure staff experience, and understand the reasons behind it with this annual national survey. Benchmark results locally and nationally.

  • Staff Friends and Family Test

    We have developed three online packages to support you with the Staff FFT. Our approach gives you the flexibility to pick the right solution for your organisation, maximising efficiency and impact.

  • Welcome Interview

    Learn about staff experiences and expectations on joining your organisation.

  • Engagement Survey

    Gather one off or year-round feedback on staff engagement levels at your organisation.

  • Whistleblowing Survey

    Identify whether staff are aware of whistleblowing and safeguarding measures.

  • Exit Interviews

    Learn about the experiences of staff who are leaving your organisation and identify areas where changes could be made.

  • CAREFUL Cultural Change programme

    The CAREFUL programme is a structured system of healthcare improvement - developed by a practising doctor - which aims primarily to engage and motivate staff. The programme covers a wide range of personal and organisational behaviours designed to increase positivity and inclusivity and thereby improve the complex technical processes that underlie great patient care.

  • Always Events

    Define and embed the positive behaviours that drive sustainable improvements in the quality of care. Our Always Events® Programme in collaboration with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, translates person and family centred care principles into a tangible set of actions which can be adopted across health and social care organisations or systems.

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Effective user experience programmes go further than just collecting data. Explore these sections to find out more about the different stages involved.

Our Methodology

We are experienced in using a wide range of methodologies to collect patient, service user and staff feedback. These include:

  • Paper
  • Web and Kiosk
  • Text
  • Phone (CATI)
  • Tablets
  • Bedside TVs
  • Interviews
  • Patient Stories
  • Focus Groups
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Analytical Services
  • Bespoke

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