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We design and deliver original health and social care research which creates evidence that advances thinking and debate around person and family centred care.

Our health services research is often delivered in partnership with leading universities, hospitals and charities and enables us to develop and share a better understanding of both outcomes and patient experience of care.

Research can be the key to unlocking real improvements in the quality of care, but only if it is put into practice. That’s why we work with governments, their agencies and regulators to help translate our insights into health and social care policy and structure that supports the delivery of high quality care for all.


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Our methods:

We are experienced in using a wide range of health & social care research methodologies to collecting patient, staff and service user feedback. These include:

  • Paper — Still one of the most robust methods available, paper questionnaires and surveys are popular for large-scale care studies.
  • Web and Kiosk — Online health & social care surveys are accessible via a secure link and are quick and easy to navigate.
  • Text — Collect patient & staff feedback via a common communication channel, ideal for real-time feedback
  • Phone (CATI) — This engagement method works well for typically low responding or hard-to-reach groups as it allows you to probe for deeper explanations.
  • Tablets — Allows for questions to be asked on site at the point of care by staff or volunteers. Ideal for real-time feedback.
  • Bedside entertainment units — Enables patient engagement to be obtained at the point of care, without the need for third party involvement. Ideal for real-time feedback.
  • Face to face interviews — One-to-one interviews with one of our trained researchers, following a set structure.
  • Patient Stories — Gives people an opportunity to tell their story in their own words, providing deeper insights into patient experience.
  • Focus groups — Small groups run by a facilitator to gather qualitative feedback on a particular theme.
  • Mystery shopping — Examining service levels first hand to identify areas of excellence and assess opportunities for quality improvement in care
  • Analytical services — Analysing existing patient, staff & user feedback data to highlight areas on which to focus quality improvement efforts.
  • Bespoke — Understanding the needs of you and your demographic to develop a solution that delivers genuine insight to inform improvement of care.
  • Sentiment analysis — Analysis of feedback captured in any survey containing free text (comments, opinions, suggestions, etc)

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