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Setting the strategy

Most of the organisations we work with collect vast amounts of data on people’s experiences of care every year. It’s a lot of healthcare data, it’s collected using different research methods, and it’s in different formats. Identifying clear messages and developing strategic care improvement priorities can, therefore, be a complex and time-consuming business.

We provide guidance on where to focus your efforts, but also on how best to communicate this to staff in a way which is clear, engaging and actionable.

Our facilitation sessions and workshops are used at all organisational levels including, non-executive boards, senior management teams, frontline staff and governors to:

  • Understand their patient experience data
  • Identify overarching areas for quality improvement in healthcare
  • Set thresholds for concern


A Strategy Rooted In Evidence – Picker Patient and Staff Experiences Review

One of our most successful programmes has been the Patient and Staff Experience Review; a tailored programme of work that enables you to take control of your patient experience data and use it more effectively.


 Each Patient Experience Review is a four-stage process:

Review all patient experience data sources and understand level of awareness, interpretation and use of patient experience data at all organisational levels.

Understand what your patient experience data is telling you, including staff engagement and buy in. Measure the impact of any existing patient experience initiatives.

Work with employees to understand the challenges faced and the areas of support required, identifying opportunities to use patient experience research data effectively.

Delivery of a healthcare quality improvement report and onsite presentation of findings at your organisation. We also provide continuing implementation, guidance and support.

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