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We offer a range of surveys & engagement tools to support providers and commissioners of healthcare to understand & improve patient, staff and service user experiences and satisfaction.

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Acute Care

With ever increasing numbers of people accessing acute care services, measuring and improving patient care quality in this area has become a higher priority than ever before.

Our experience of a range of international healthcare systems combined with our in-depth knowledge of health and social care research techniques allows us to adapt and shape programs to fit the service user, cultural and organisational needs of different health and social care systems.

For example; since 2002, we have become the partner of choice for over 50% of English NHS acute hospital trusts, helping them to create, implement and sustain patient experience programmes that drive real quality improvement in healthcare. We run similar programmes on improving quality in acute care of varying scales in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland and our acute care survey tools are used by healthcare providers globally as a measure of quality.

All of our patient experience of acute care survey programmes can be culturally adapted to meet the specific needs of local health jurisdictions.

  • NHS Inpatient Survey

    Gain valuable insights on how to improve inpatient care by learning about, and listening to the experiences of patients in this annual national survey.

  • NHS Outpatient Survey

    Work to improve the experiences of those being treated in an outpatient department with the help of this national survey.

  • NHS Maternity Survey

    Increase your understanding of women’s experiences of care across all three stages of the maternity pathway; antenatal, during labour and birth, and postnatal, with this national survey.

  • Urgent and Emergency Care Survey

    Improve patients’ experiences of your accident and emergency department by gaining valuable insights from this important national survey.

  • NHS Children and Young People Patient Experience Survey

    Capture and understand the experiences of children and young people, and their parents with this new annual national survey.


Charity / Not for profit

Is your work having the right impact?

Does your charity want to better understand the health and social care experiences of those you represent?

Would you like to increase impact on the care services provided so they better meet specific patient and service user needs?

In recent years we have supported a number of charities to increase their impact, through building understanding and evidence around the needs and preferences of specific patient and service user groups.

The impact of these programmes has ranged from the development of new health and social care policy initiatives and service redesign, to the evidence being used to help increase media representation of specific patient and service user groups.

We have worked with a variety of charities, both large and small. Some examples of recent partner charities are:

  • The Motor Neurone Disease Association
  • Meningitis Trust
  • Clic Sargent
  • Bliss
  • The British Lung Foundation
  • Combat Stress
  • Hearing Link
  • the Sickle Cell Society
  • The Centre for Mental Health.

Our work covers areas such as:

  • Partnerships and collaboration to increase reach and impact
  • Feedback about charities and the services they provide
  • Disease specific research, including survey development and data collection
  • Development of tools and questionnaires to collect patient experiences of hard to reach groups
  • Researching the needs and preferences for defined patient groups
  • In-house research and staff engagement/experience surveys

Private Health Care

We help providers of private healthcare services to deliver the highest levels of care to their patients and service users through a better understanding of patient experiences and outcomes.

Our services help you to create & implement continuous patient experience and satisfaction programmes that:

  • Are part of an organisational culture where patients are the priority – Our health care staff engagement programmes empower staff to take action and change behaviours to positively impact private healthcare quality.
  • Are clearly defined in the organisation’s strategy, and communicated to both staff and patients – We offer a range of services to support private medical providers looking to develop patient and service user experience strategies  focused on delivering continuous improvement.
  • Use appropriate mechanisms to collect and communicate user experience data in a way that engages and empowers staff to act on the findings – All of our patient surveys use experience based questions, enabling providers to uncover the behaviours or actions that contribute to a positive or negative patient experience. We are not tied to one particular technology, meaning we can work with you to identify the most suitable method for your patient group(s).
  • Are dedicated to continuous improvement of patient experience and care – Our improvement resources and dedicated improvement team work with organisations to realise a culture that supports the delivery of the highest quality care in the private healthcare sector.

Clinical Commissioning Groups

The effective commissioning of a health and social care service is a significant challenge. Decisions around service availability, care quality and utility are often complex and multi-layered. But it becomes increasingly difficult for commissioners to provide high quality care services, if they are not in touch with the experiences of the patients using, and in need of them.

Service users’ experiences of specific conditions, care services and how they navigate care pathways need to be accounted for and understood when developing commissioning strategies. Even after commissioning decisions are made people’s experiences and satisfaction of care services remain a key component in informing the quality of, and access to commissioned services.

Measuring Patient Experience

Our feedback tools, questionnaires and surveys use experience based questions which aim to uncover not just how satisfied people were with their care, but what actions or interactions caused them to feel satisfied or dissatisfied.

We work to ensure the patient experience data you collect is robust, representative and comparable, meaning that it accurately reflects your patient demographic, stands up to scrutiny and can be used with confidence to identify areas of best practice, or those in need of improvement.


The role of the pharmacy is not to be underestimated when it comes to its impact on over all care quality.

Issues such emergency readmissions, compliance and concordance can all be impacted by patients’ experience of pharmacy services whether in the community or upon discharge from acute care.

We currently work with a number of pharmacies to measure patients’ experiences and satisfaction of the care provided and identify areas where interactions could be improved.

Using our patient survey question bank, which contains hundreds of cognitively tested questions, we create feedback programmes which will enable you to identify areas of best practice, and those where improvement is needed.

We are not tied to any one particular technology and will help you to identify the most appropriate data collection tool(s) for your patient population.

Primary Care

The role of primary care services remains important in the delivery of high quality person centred care. Often people’s first interaction with their local care services is in a primary care environment. Whether booking and attending a GP appointment or visiting a smoking cessation clinic, this first contact is also the start of an individual patients’ primary care experience.

Our patient feedback & survey tools use experience based questions which aim to uncover not just how satisfied patients were with their care, but the situations, environments and interactions that caused them to feel satisfied or dissatisfied.

We work to ensure the patient experience data you collect is robust, representative and comparable, meaning that it accurately reflects your patient demographic, stands up to scrutiny and can be used with confidence to identify areas of best practice, or those in need of improvement.

Mental Health

Accessing and understanding the care experiences of those living with a mental health condition can be a challenging process, which often means such experiences go unheard and under represented.

Measuring Patient Experience in Mental Health Care

We work with both providers and commissioners of mental health services to develop programmes that help understand peoples’ experiences and satisfaction of care and identify areas where care quality can be improved in mental healthcare services.

We collaborate and share information with a number of mental health charities to further understand and transfer knowledge gained from our studies.

In England we are an approved contractor for the NHS Community Mental Health Survey and run the co-ordination centre on behalf of the Care Quality Commission.

  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services

    We are currently developing a tool to examine the experiences of children and young people, who are otherwise unrepresented in user experience data.


    No methodology selected

  • NHS Inpatient Mental Health Survey

    Measure and improve the experiences of mental health inpatients, and benchmark against previous national survey findings with this voluntary survey.


Staff Experience

The delivery of the highest quality care is completely reliant on employees working within health and social care systems. Their efforts, practices and behaviours both as individuals and teams directly impact on patient care experiences and quality.

Understanding and responding to health and social care professionals’ experiences as employees is a vital component of any realisable quality strategy.

Our suite of staff surveys & tools capture feedback from healthcare employees at every stage of their journey with your organisation, from induction through to exit. Every tool is designed to deliver staff experience and satisfaction results that are robust, representative and actionable.

Our programmes and staff surveys, including the NHS Staff Survey, use our advanced analysis and reporting, focused on ensuring NHS staff survey results are understood and effectively communicated. This is further supplemented through our cultural and behavioural change programmes CAREFUL and Always Events®

  • NHS Staff Survey

    Measure staff experience, and understand the reasons behind it with this annual national survey. Benchmark results locally and nationally.

  • Staff Friends and Family Test

    We have developed three online packages to support you with the Staff FFT. Our approach gives you the flexibility to pick the right solution for your organisation, maximising efficiency and impact.

  • Welcome Interview

    Learn about staff experiences and expectations on joining your organisation.

  • Engagement Survey

    Gather one off or year-round feedback on staff engagement levels at your organisation.

  • Whistleblowing Survey

    Identify whether staff are aware of whistleblowing and safeguarding measures.

  • Exit Interviews

    Learn about the experiences of staff who are leaving your organisation and identify areas where changes could be made.

  • CAREFUL Cultural Change programme

    The CAREFUL programme is a structured system of healthcare improvement - developed by a practising doctor - which aims primarily to engage and motivate staff. The programme covers a wide range of personal and organisational behaviours designed to increase positivity and inclusivity and thereby improve the complex technical processes that underlie great patient care.


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  • Always Events

    Define and embed the positive behaviours that drive sustainable improvements in the quality of care. Our Always Events® Programme in collaboration with the Institute of Healthcare Improvement, translates person and family centred care principles into a tangible set of actions which can be adopted across health and social care organisations or systems.


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Community Care

For many community care providers, implementing an effective user experience & satisfaction programme can seem a daunting prospect. With an array of disparate services and different demographics to capture feedback from, it can be challenging to create a programme which delivers robust, representative and comparable data that supports service improvement.

We partner with community healthcare providers to develop rounded patient experience programmes, supporting them with all stages from strategy setting, through to measuring experiences and identifying ways to improve the quality of care delivered in the community.

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  • Community

    We support community healthcare providers to develop rounded patient experience programmes, supporting them with all stages from strategy setting, through to measuring experiences and identifying ways to improve the quality of care.


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